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You found our Contact Us page!! Quite frankly, we’re honestly excited about it and look forward to hearing from you. We always enjoy the comments, concerns, questions and suggestions we get from visitors, potential clients, current clients and just about anyone else. Except the tax man. Ssshhh don’t tell him that.

You see with concerns and questions we usually have an opportunity to help someone. And, that’s why we honestly got into this business in the first place. So please, keep them coming.

On the other side of the coin with comments or suggestions we usually find out about a way we can improve. And we sincerely appreciate those too. We look at it like this, If we can get a teeny, tiny 2% better every week by the end of one year we’ve managed to get 104% better. And that is nothing to sneeze at!!!

Unfortunately, while it’s not a realistically attainable goal it is still a worthwhile one, no doubt about it. So please fill out our Contact Us form and make sure to include the email address that gets delivered to your phone. You’re more likely to see it when it comes in that way and we don’t want to miss any response you might make either.

How Long Responses Take

However, as sad as it may be, while we try to respond to every form of interaction we receive within 48 hours, there are times we just cannot. But you do have our sincerest and most honest promise that we do everything within our power to get back to you within the first 48. Nothing implied about the TV show there, pure coincidence.

And now it’s time for another “however”, fortunately this one is a good “however”. You have another one of our sincerest promises that we will get back to your correspondence within 72 hours. No matter how late we have to stay in the office. We will always get back to you within 72 hours. Unless the submission falls into the beginning of a long weekend like a holiday weekend. So, if it’s really important you will find our phone number as well as our office address below the contact form.

Depending on how important it is, you can call our offices during business hours. You can also try to contact us using the email address down below. And if neither of those are working out for you and you just can’t get through for some reason, come by the office during business hours. We’re always happy to help anyone we can, within reason of course.

If you missed your space shuttle and can’t get back to the moon, sadly enough, we can’t help you there. We will(Wow! time for a fourth however, I think it’s a record! It’s actually the fifth now isn’t it? Well, anyway) however, give almost anything practical our best shot for you though.

So, In Closing…..

Thank you again, in advance for reaching out, and double thank you for understanding the timelines that can control our response times. It’s definitely not personal, we just get insanely busy sometimes. I guess it’s the helping people out thing. We’ve gotten pretty good at it when it comes to starting a business and a few other things within the professional realm. We truthfully hope you have an excellent day!

Thanks!! Talk To You Soon!!!

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