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Copyright Notice
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UPDATED: 09/01/2020
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This Copyright Notice is written and espoused in regards to our website. This notice does not apply in whole to any content intended for or downloaded by paying members. Specific sections will have their stipulations clearly posted. However, other various rules may apply so read all notices posted throughout the member’s area carefully. Any content encountered on this website is protected by intellectual property laws. Which also includes the laws pertaining to international copyrights and trademarks. Unless the content is designated as third party content, in which case their Copyright Notice applies. Securing Futures Today, Inc. is the owner of the copyrights and/or trademarks for our content posted on this website.

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Our Copyright Notice in Sections:
  1. What Do We Own?
  2. What You Can & Can’t Do
  3. Matters of Violation
  4. Rights to Our Content
  5. Transmitting Content on Our Servers
  6. This Copyright Notice Can Change
  7. Contacting Securing Futures Today, Inc.

You do not own rights to any article(s), blog post(s), print book(s), document(s), e-book(s), graphics, image(s), photo(s), recording(s), video(s), webinar(s) or any other content found on our website, This denial of ownership and use of content extends to content received via email or by way of access to content provided within our member’s area.

These rules also apply to content you create or own when you post it on our website. You relinquish any claims to ownership or general rights to all content. This happens upon your posting it. Once posted it becomes part of our website, henceforth under our ownership. With exceptions provided for your personal information, you may post in your member’s account and public profile page. In this case when we say public profile page we mean the page only certain lenders, as well as certain employees of ours, can see. Moreover, you should also read our Privacy Policy.

You May Not, In Any Manner;

  • Copy
  • Distribute
  • Modify
  • Post
  • Reproduce
  • Republish
  • Transmit
  • Upload

Any of The Content Found on This Website or Any Other Internet Properties We Use to Represent This Entity. This Includes, But is Not Limited To, Articles, Blog Posts, Graphics, Texts, and Videos.

You must maintain all proprietary copyright and/or trademark notices within the original content or material. Whether you download, copy, take screenshots or photos of it or receive it via e-mail. You cannot and will not;

  • Alter
  • Change
  • Display
  • Distribute
  • Modify
  • Publicly or Otherwise Perform
  • Reproduce, or
  • Sell

our website content, services related material or any other intellectual property, tangible or otherwise. In conclusion, we prohibit the use of our material in any way, shape, or form for any public or commercial consumption or use thereof.

Securing Futures Today, Inc. strictly prohibits the use of our “Pay For Use” services or products with any other company or in any internet or computer environment, networked or otherwise, for any intents or purposes are prohibited.

If Securing Futures Today, Inc. finds you, any party in connection to you or any third party with connection to you or not, in violation of our copyright notice, terms and conditions, or end-user agreement your authorization to the content is automatically and immediately terminated. Therefore, we demand you immediately desist your usage and immediately destroy any of our content, copied or otherwise, you have possession of. We never want to, but we will pursue legal recourse when proven necessary.

We provide you with non-exclusive, non-transferable, and fully revocable permission to use website. The permission granted only allows for non-commercial, personal, and private reasons. On top of the aforementioned permission, you are also granted permission to copy, download, and/or print any parts of our content from designated areas of this website. This permission is granted solely for non-commercial use of and by you on your own and your own alone. These permissions are provided upon the contingency that you MAKE NO CHANGES to our content making sure it maintains its original form. So then, that’s pretty clear.

Moreover, you agree all copyright or proprietary notices in all content you copy, download, or print will not be changed, deleted, or modified in any way. This also means any copyright or proprietary notices in any location of this website published content that denies the right to copy, download or print the content related to those notices will supersede all previous statements.

As a member, user, or visitor of, your use thereof constitutes your agreement to use, all products and/or services offered by Securing Futures Today, Inc. through our website, in a manner consistent with all local, state, and federal laws. Therefore, don’t do anything that would result in something you don’t want done to you.

Our servers nor databases will be used to display, store, or transmit any content which is;

  • Defamatory
  • Indecent, or Otherwise Objectionable
  • Infringes Others Rights
  • Obscene
  • Pornographic
  • Profane or Vulgar
  • Threatening
  • Unlawful
  • Violating Privacy and/or Publicity Rights

On this website,, we DO NOT allow any behavior; verbal, written or otherwise that may constitute criminal activity, give rise to civil liability or liabilities. And for that matter, we DO NOT condone any activity that violates any law. Therefore, any activity or activities that deny, restrict, or discontinue any other member or user or visitor’s ability to conduct, enjoy, or participate in their membership is strictly prohibited.

Unless obtained in writing, an agreement permitting you to do so, you cannot post any form of advertising or solicitation, commercial
or otherwise, on this website. In conclusion, don’t use your membership as a sales rag.

As all of our legal pages espouse, we reserve the right to change, correct, modify, or remove information. Therefore, it can and will change over time. Moreover, this and/or other pages may convey a different meaning as early as your next visit to this website. These changes are necessitated and made by Securing Futures Today, Inc., to protect Securing Futures Today, Inc., you and/or

It is imperative you perform your due diligence from time to time at least because of this. Therefore you should check back every so often as changes to the content of this page may affect your use of this website. Moreover, zero warning will be provided to announce any of the changes we made. The one exception to the last statement is the paying members. They may be notified before, after, or both depending on when the changes are effectuated. In conclusion, perform your due diligence and check back every so often.

In conclusion, if you have questions about our Copyright Notice, please Contact Us. And, if you have any comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions that we can address for you feel free to Contact Us. If you would like to contact us in writing you can use the address below. Or if you would prefer to chat on the phone, simply dial the number down in our address listing below. Moreover, we love to read visitor’s comments and suggestions. Especially when they’re constructive.

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