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The following has been espoused to satisfy our need for a Disclaimer in a number of areas. This Disclaimer pertains to our website, https://securingfuturestoday.com/ as well as our brick and mortar by the same name Securing Futures Today, Inc. We believe in using a disclaimer in the name of full disclosure.

We also believe it serves a purpose in making sure that you keep in mind sometimes it takes a village to raise a child. In this case the child being your business or even just some of the affairs in relation to your business. We are prepared to help our fellow business owners with business related information and know-how in everything from A to Z. And on the other hand, if you’re just looking for help with a few specific questions we are more than happy to lend a hand too. So don’t let the legal discourse below make you believe any one thing in any one direction. And always seek to find the most relevant information that provides the most accurate help to your needs and your specific situation. No matter where you find it.

Disclaimer, Securing Futures Today Inc.'s Legal Disclaimer.
Our Disclaimer in Sections:
  1. Third Parties and This Website
  2. Dissemination of Information and Opinions
  3. Tax Advice and Investment Advice
  4. Forward Looking Projections
  5. Quick Peace of Mind
  6. Things Are Always Going to Change
  7. A Friendly and Fair Warning
  8. Contact Securing Futures Today, Inc.

Notice Regarding Third Parties

Securingfuturestoday.com is not necessarily affiliated with the companies mentioned or reviewed on this website. However, we are affiliated with quite a few of them. And in fact, we could receive a commission or other form of consideration for any link you follow, ad you click on, video you watch, or form you fill out. Therefore, as this is the case, in the interest of full disclosure you should always assume that a relationship is in place. And, on top of that, you should also assume we are receiving some form of monetary compensation for participation or activity.

Please keep in mind just like our logo, all forms of content, and various slogans as well as graphics and images are copyrighted and/or trademarked, so are the logos, images and content of any third parties on our website. This means any company names, products, logos, trade marks and any other proprietary content belongs to the rightful owner, which in any number of cases throughout this website is not us.

Dissemination of Information and Opinions

All opinions, estimates, expectations, and forecasts espoused on this website are considered information, and are espoused solely for the intent of informational purposes. We make no representations, promises, or guarantees about their accuracy. While every attempt is made to consult with creators, founders and professionals all information is considered an opinion at best.

Any information provided by this website through downloads like e-books, e-brochures and PDF format flyers and pamphlets is not to be considered the final authority on any subject. One must weigh the substance of the material or content and decide for themselves what the information means. This includes, but is not limited to, videos, webinars and audio sound bytes of any length.

Don’t Forget About Our Agents

Agents whom work for Securing Futures Today, Inc. may answer your questions via this website. First and foremost they cannot be held responsible, nor can SFTi, for any errors and omissions or flat out mistakes. As the answers to questions are provided on a general basis and cannot be considered advice specific to your situation. Moreover, it works this way because we would have to ask you any number of questions in order to have a more in depth feel of your situation. At which point we still may not be able to deliver the best advice for any given situation you are facing.

Therefore, as you will read and hear us mention many times, it is in your best interests to consult with at least more than one professional in any given field. In conclusion, something you will also hear us say a lot, always perform your due diligence. Some of these choices are permanently life altering choices. And that means you DO NOT want to make the wrong choice. Because of that, we don’t want you making the wrong choice either. We can promise you that.

Speaking of Tax Advice and Investment Advice Specifically

While some content on our website resembles tax or investment advice, we strongly advise you to seek the opinions and knowledge of competent, knowledgeable, and licensed professionals. Especially before making any tax time or investment decisions. While every attempt has been made and afforded the content, information and suggestions on our website, Securing Futures Today, Inc. DOES NOT make any guarantees or warranties as to the veracity or correctness of the information disseminated. Furthermore, we DO NOT accept any responsibility or liability for the results of your actions in relation to this “advice”, information or suggestions.

The responsibility solely rests upon you to make sure the choice you are making is the right choice for you. Therefore, it is in your best interests to seek the correct advice of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the related field. Because nothing you will find in any of Securing Futures Today, Inc.’s content should be considered personal investment or taxes advice. This includes but is not limited to, articles, blog posts, videos, and webinars on our website. This also applies to our social media properties as well as the newsletter we send out every month.

In conclusion, you are ultimately responsible for your own affairs. Remember, it’s your due diligence to get information from as many sources as possible. And it’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s worthwhile advice and whether or not it applies to your specific situation. The most we can do is educate when it comes to all the “moving parts” and what your various choices may or may not be.

We’ve Been Known to Make “Forward Looking Projections”

From time to time the agents at Securing Futures Today, Inc. might make what are known as “forward looking statements”. It is also possible that throughout the content on this website you will find the author making “forward looking statements”.

In case you need to familiarize yourself with such statements as those that are looking forward, allow us to point you in the direction of The Securities Act of 1933, S: 27A as well as the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, S: 21B. In short, these sections define these statements as involving conversation to the tone of making a prediction or predictions. And there’s more, any statements that focus on projections, objectives, perceived goals, assumptions and expectations all involving future events.

Another identifying characteristic of the “FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENT” is that they’re not based in historical fact. These statements also involve any number of uncertainties and risks and can result in being substantially different from the original trajectory of the statement. In simple terms, this means they can have a severe downside while hoping for and/or discussing a favorable upside.

Remember “Forward Looking Statements” can be found on this website. Take them at face value and like all the other information we disseminate follow our favorite suggestion. Follow the advice of this disclaimer and perform your Due Diligence. If nothing else, you will at least end up with an education and save yourself some money while you’re at it.

A Quick Peace of Mind For You

We do our utmost best to qualify our content and material while weeding out the bad information as well as impractical advice. We have many years business experience each as individual agents. And then when you combine all the different knowledge we have in our office you wind up with a veritable encyclopedia of business information. However this does not mean we have the perfect advice or the spot-on perfect piece of information for anyone situation.

But, you can rest assured that we spend a lot of time combing various local, state and federal laws pertaining to various business related scenarios. And due to our own experiences over any number of given years depending on which given agent you’re conversing with. However, there are two things we believe you should find reassuring. First we all made a pledge to put the client first and do whatever it may take to ensure that we are delivering the most relevant and sound advice we can for their situation. And number 2, we are not afraid to lean on each other for answers and when all else fails, we’re not afraid to hit the books. We’ve all spent countless hours researching various situations, scenarios and occurrences in our quest to have and provide as much useful business information as we can.

To wrap that all up in a focused statement, we are not afraid to do what it takes to help you find the correct answers. And not just the correct answers, but the most useful and germane to your specific situation. It helps us too, if you are as honest as you possibly can be when seeking advice in any given situation.

We Reserve the Right to Make Changes

Just like the other disclaimer pages, our Privacy Policy, and our Terms and Conditions pages we reserve the right to change, correct, modify and replace some, or all, of the information espoused. Furthermore, we do not have to notify anyone as to the time or reason behind the effectuation of new verbiage. Please perform your due diligence and
check back with each of our legal warning pages. It’s up to you to make sure you understand the pages and still agree with the pages, not just this disclaimer. In which case it makes the most sense to then make sure you are still in compliance with the new information being disseminated on the page.

We Want You to Know, It’s All Spoken For

Whether it be third party or our own, the content on this website is copyrighted. All the articles, blog posts, graphics and images, logos, videos, audio sound bytes, and all other forms of content published. Either the third party company who has it on their website or our very own creations, they are all copyrighted. So save yourself the time and trouble of plagiarizing our website content.

We keep track of it, and we use services like Copyscape as well as others. And not just on our Disclaimer, but all of our content. The first time around we will send you a cease and desist letter. After that, we go with the gusto, and we follow up with our legal remedy. And, we don’t offer you that tidbit of information as a threat. Just what we call a helpful and informative piece of information. We never want to take anyone to court, for any reason. But we will.

In conclusion, it’s just easier and more affordable in the long run to get the ol’ creative juices flowing. See if you can create all your own content and material. Especially for your disclaimer. It would look rather silly if you don’t conduct all the same services we do.

How to Contact SFTi

In conclusion, if you have questions about our Disclaimer, please Contact Us. And, if you have any comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions that we can address for you feel free to Contact Us. If you would like to contact us in writing you can use the address below. Or if you would prefer to chat on the phone, simply dial the number down in our address listing below. Moreover, we love to read visitor’s comments and suggestions. Especially when they’re constructive.

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